g u l f H R


Human Resource Management

SAAS HR Software - Cloud HR System - Dynamic Management of Human Resources

Structure master, organisation structure, grade masters, job masters, company details, mail and workflow configuration, employee checklist master, company employee defaults.
Engagements, suspensions, reinstatements, transfers, terminations, employee status changes and movement history with full audit trails.
Personal details, bank details, passport issue, authorisation of data and bank detail changes, visa approvals, salary certificates issue and flight ticket changes.
Licenses, visa & passport management, health cards, dependants and employee education and experience documentation.
Schemes, entitlements, accruals, approvals, encashment and adjustments.
New surveys, schedule per group, summary and detail statistics.
Set-up, mapping and reporting.

Cloud Payroll Software

Multipurpose Payroll Software on Cloud - Unique Payroll Management System

This flexible, robust payroll system caters for a comprehensive range of payroll calculations, including:

Basic salary, payroll deductions and earnings and income base calculations.
Default, leave and termination.
Basic salary, leave and overtime.
Expense recoveries, miscellaneous earnings, timesheets, and leave benefits.
Payroll run set-up, currency converting, payroll and time mapping, company calendars and calendar run groups.
For regions that require tax.
Interface generation, GL account set-up, mapping & lookup with reporting facility (interface detail and summary reports).
Payroll master, payroll reconciliation, department summary, payroll YTD reports and final settlement reports.
Create own reports with report writer.
System generated payslips & bank transfer reports.
According to government requirements.
Entitlements, accruals, advances and balances.
Indemnity and leave liability balances.
Entitlements, accruals, adjustments and encashment.
And time based allowances.
Time and attendance approvals and integration.
Including staff loans.

Employee Leave Calculation

Employee Leave Calculation Multiple Employee Leave Management

Known in the industry to be the most powerful and comprehensive functionality .

Leave entitlement calculations.
Links to the organisation structure and payroll calculations.
Related to part-paid leave, i.e. sick leave, maternity leave.
Sick leave calculation and rules.
Leave advance module.
Leave integration to time and attendance.
Reconciliations, adjustment uploads, entitlement summaries, leave advances, accruals and forecast reports.

Employee Reporting Tool

Dynamic Reporting Tool for Employees

gulfHR has its own ‘end user’ dynamic in-built report writer, allowing you to access information stored on the database for reporting purposes. This report writer removes the hindrance of integration with a third party product.

From existing data and saving them for later use.
Allowing users to extract and sort data on reports before printing or saving.
In csv, .xlsx (Excel), .docx (Word) and .pdf file formats.
Reports can be sent as attachments to emails from its saved location.
Any report requirements unique to the client, including naming and setting the sequence of your own columns.

Online Configuration Tools

Scripts, Spreadsheets, Structure Process, Wages Protection System (WPS), etc.

This module is technical in nature and provides the configuration mechanisms whereby the vendors’ consultants manage the installation, implementation, support and customisation (if required) of the gulfHR/Payroll solution.

These tools allow for the set up and management:

Portal tools: scripts
Other tools: CSV upload tables
Menu headers, details and rights, table and screen generation, attachment settings and audit trails, etc.
Spreadsheet upload, timesheet processes and expense recovery processes, etc.
The organisation structure process, employee and user upload and the payroll master process.

HR Approval Process Management

Manage all HR processes that are in varying stages of approval

This module allows for the approval of any predefined process by a designated manager.

All processes that will require approval.
Processes requiring more than one level of approval.
Available in employee self-service.
Reflecting all manager or HR processes that are in varying stages of approval – exception reports can also be produced.

Employee Access to HR and Payroll

HR Self Service, Employee Self Service Access to HR and Payroll

Employee Self Service allows the employee the opportunity to participate personally in the HR and payroll process, as it relates to their job title.

Monthly leave summaries and entitlements.
Online approvals by manager.
Personal data, dependant data and passport data.
Managers can also view subordinates details.
Electronic submitting of info to HR.
Employee master lists and details.
Online loan application and report.
Time and attendance review and manager approval
Internal and external job applications.
Payroll history and timesheet details.
Document expiry notifications.
Document uploading & issue tracking.
Variety of document and status requests: salary certificates, passports, visas. licenses etc.
The Client can define, publish and amend its policy manual on-line.
All employees can access and view this manual in the employee self-service portal.
All news announcements and bulletins can also be posted with employees enjoying the same levels of access and viewing.
Refund requests and expense claims.
Document uploading & issue tracking.

HR Recruitment Management

Vacancies, Candidate Management

This module provides a manager with tools to manage recruitment activity.

Direct linkage to job descriptions.
Actions taken by HR to fill all vacancies (candidate management).
Internal and external.
Candidate login to update CV and link to vacancies
Link to clients recruitment web-site and predefined agency access (if required).
Candidate management: pre-screening, screening and evaluation.
Automatic data transfer once successful applicants become actual employees.
Scheduling of interviews, drawing up of questionnaires, management of the interview process etc.
i.e. offer letters, job offer master, status and reporting.
CV’s, photographs, contracts, letters of reference.
For candidate or applicant CV’s.

Workforce Planning

Manpower Planning - Workforce Management

  • Company and job title skills definition
  • Manpower and succession planning
  • Job costing, budgeting and forecasting
  • YTD manpower reporting

Employee Performance Management

Succession Planning and Workforce Plan Evaluation

This module allows HR and Management to create, manage and evaluate the skills or competencies required by a particular person for a particular job.

It also allows HR and Management to create, manage and evaluate these skills or competency assessment questionnaires as a development tool for employees.

  • Employee skills
  • Evaluation and succession process flow
  • Creation of job goals and attribute framework (job profiling)
  • Creation of KPIs (key performance indicators) and KPI ‘weightings’
  • Online targets, self-assessment, manager assessment
  • 2nd and 3rd level acknowledgements
  • 360 competency questionnaire and assessment setup
  • Self Service completion of questionnaire by participants
  • HR assessments management and analysis
  • Assessment feedback and reporting: employee development recommendations
  • Interface with training: requirements and availability of specific training courses
  • Performance document master and upload facility

Human Resources Training Management

Training Plans, Training Course Management

This module allows the HR and Line managers an opportunity to conduct training more professionally.

  • Training action plans
  • Training requests and scheduling
  • Course management
  • Training venues, providers and course material evaluation with reporting
  • Provision for internal and external training
  • Training skills mapping
  • Training costing and budgeting
  • Interface with performance management

Mass Mobilization

Mass Mobilization of Employees - Demobilization of Work Groups

This module allows the Employer to simultaneously process and track administrative tasks of large batches of employees.

  • Mass transfer of work groups between projects
  • Engagement/Termination/Demobilisation of work groups
  • Mass application, processing and renewal of documents including licence, visas, health cards and passports

Employee Time Tracking

Employee Timesheet software - Time Management Module

This module manages the time-keeping and absenteeism levels of the employees utilising a number of different options.

    This functionality manages the employee’s attendance, calculates the overtime worked and links the designated overtime with payroll. It also enables managers to approve the overtime which has been calculated by the Time and Attendance system.
    It includes the following:

  • Shift codes and patterns definition
  • Shift pattern mapping
  • Calculation of daily time and attendance through integration with clocking system
  • Integration of all leave records, short leave, overseas training and business trips
  • Manager approval of normal time and overtime (through Self-Service)
  • Overtime and Time and Attendance reporting
  • Approved overtime posting to Payroll
  • Payroll deductions due to lateness

    This functionality tracks the number of hours worked by the team on a client’s project. It gives the line manager flexibility to approve the hours worked by a team member at the same time see the activity/s they are performing for a project. It also tracks the overtime hours worked:

  • Set-up screens for clients, rates, activities and projects
  • Multiple set-up options for shifts, calendars, over-time rates, cost-centres and approval levels
  • Timesheet upload facility
  • Integration with absence and leave
  • Project owner timesheet report
  • Timesheet submission and approval function
  • Project schedule report
  • Project billing report

System Integration through web services

We support integration to other systems

gulfHR support integration to other systems via web-services.

  • Employee master creation
  • Payroll master
  • Termination
  • Salary increases
  • Promotions
  • Time and attendance clocking data

System Integration to Existing Systems

General Ledger Interface with any Time & Attendance device

  • Microsoft Great Plains
  • Navision
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • SAGE
  • Accpac
  • JD Edwards
  • Peachtree

This can be done directly with the time and attendance database or through web services.

gulfHR can be interfaced with any Time & Attendance device where the clocking data is stored on a SQL based database.

General Ledger Interface

Payroll Ledger Interface

The main key integration usually necessary for a successful implementation of gulfHR is the General Ledger (GL) interface.

This interface transfers monthly payroll information, at a summary or detail level (depending on client requirements), into the correct table ready for posting into the General Ledger module of the client’s financial system.

This integration can either be direct - i.e. a direct interface into the financial systems ‘back-end’ or indirect – the GL summaries will be exported to excel and from there pushed or uploaded into the clients financial system.