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Powerful human resource and payroll management system

gulfHR has at its core a robust processing engine. You work smarter, while all HR functions connect instantly with real-time information sharing.

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Intuitive, time saving & user friendly

gulfHR's Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and payroll software is the key component to managing your organisations’ most valuable resource.

Human Resources in the cloud

Best practices and industry standard human capital administration SaaS wherever you go.

HR analytics and metrics

Embed anaylitcs on a dashboard to provide a sound basis for decision making with an easily managed UI.

Time and Attendance

Manage employee attendance and productivity, while integrating with payroll and leave management functions.

Value added services

Consulting, training, web and application developments and other value-added solutions to optimize human resource management.

Integration with other applications

Known expertise in biometrics, time tracking and finance integration.

Arabic Interface

Fully Arabic enabled, empowering local and regional businesses even more.

Clients may start with our comprehensive system (all modules) or start with our core system and expand at a later stage in accordance with budget and functionality requirements. Core system typically include Payroll and Leave Management, HR Administration, Report Writing, Document Management and Security modules and are often combined with Employee Self-Service and Time Management. Modules such as Performance Management, Learning & Development and Recruitment or any combination hereof are then added at a later stage.

Helping our customers on every channel:
Choose your deployment platform

No capital cost:
Just an affordable monthly fee

On-Cloud is a progressive software deployment approach where the application software for human resource management is hosted on the Cloud and clients use a web browser to access the application. This ensures that clients can setup their own application almost immediately and benefit from a secure and scalable architecture without having to go through complex and time consuming software and hardware installations. Cloud ensures that clients benefit product enhancements with no downtime.

Increased Scalability and Speed: Since companies no longer have to invest time in buying and setting up hardware and software, they can seamlessly scale up or down depending on their usage of services on the cloud.

Use your web browser to access the application

With the Hosted option gulfHR offers managed server hosting. gulfHR offers dedicated and virtual servers, managed by reputed 3rd party providers in the USA, UK and KSA. Servers run on a secure SSL encrypted server platform, disaster recovery procedures, 24x7 on-site technicians and high physical security.

Control over systems and data:
Ideal for sensitive business data

The tried and tested traditional approach to software deployment and management. gulfHR is installed and operated from a client’s in-house server and computing infrastructure, utilizing an organization’s native computing resources and requires only a licensed copy of gulfHR.

Scalable and modular pricing:
Only pay for the headcount and services you need

gulHR's trusted HRMS solution, combined with regional expertise, now brings you HR Administration and payroll outsourcing for the Middle East region. Whether you are a bespoke small company with special payrolling requirements, or a larger SME seeking confidentiality, accurateness and timeliness, gulfHR had proven themselves to be a reliable business partner. gulfHR’s strength in payrolling lies in the controls and governance that is put in place.

Time to Implement

The powerful gulfHR data upload facility facilitates quick and easy HRMS implementation.

  • Data is uploaded in bulk via excel spreadsheet
  • With co-operation of the client, the parallel payroll is normally produced at the end of the first month
  • Live payroll is possible at the end of month two
  • Integrated time & attendance payroll is possible from month three onwards.

Keep human capital on the go with our mobile app.

Line managers and employees take control, with transactions at their fingertips via simple, easy interface.